December 2016 Update

Hello friends!

We are finishing up the writing of our new album right now, and are planning to head into the Swedish countryside to record it in early 2017. We’ve been working really hard on the new material
and are very excited to see how it will take shape once we record it.

Keep the light on friends, we sorely need it these troubled times, all of us.

love, scraps of tape.


“Where are you guys?”

Hey friends!

Time for a long overdue update about what is happening in Scraps Of Tape-land.
2014 was a weird year for us in many ways, a lot of ups and downs, triumphs and losses.
We released our fifth album “Sjätte Vansinnet”, an album we’re very very proud of, and we did a little bit of touring
to support it, but due to various reasons there were some troubles and we kind of lost a bit of steam and pep.

To not burn ourselves out we kind of came to an unspoken agreement to step back a bit and take a bit of a break from the old cycle we’ve been going through since the early 2000s. Better to cool it for a while than push on without really feeling it, right? We’ve all stayed busy with various projects during this break and we’ll try to do an update soon about all of that. Exciting things are happening for all members outside of the SOT-bubble as well!

Last weekend we got together in the ol’ rehearsalspace for the first time since about November and continued work on what’s shaping up to be our next release. We’re psyched and excited to be playing again, and we’ve got skeletons for about 6 or 7 songs written already and many ideas to try out and riffs to arrange. We’ve also started to look into possible dates for a few shows this autumn, but nothing decided yet.

The noble beast lives. Hope all of you are well, and that we might see you waving back to us from the audience sometime soon.

Sincerely, Scraps Of Tape

Hands In Hands Video by Jonas Börjesson

“For me, Scraps of Tape is all about feelings. You feel it in your entire body. Which also is something I always strive for in my videos, because I think I’m a very emotional person. The idea of the video for “Hands In Hands” was to get the dirty, analog 90’s feeling. Which led to the idea to film the video with my relative’s old Video 8 camcorder. I wanted to capture the feeling of a classic Scraps concert. Black and white, dirty, powerful, emotional and up close. The video is filmed during a concert in Gothenburg. There is probably no better place to make a video for Scraps of Tape than on a stage, because they are one of the best live acts in Sweden.
/Jonas Börjesson

New tour starts tomorrow!

After almost two years we will come back to Germany and play at some lovely venues/cities.

Here are the dates:
15.03.14 DE – Dresden / Chemiefabrik
16.03.14 DE – Jena / Café Wagner
18.03.14 DE – Erfurt / Stadtgarten
19.03.14 CH – St. Gallen / Grabenhalle
20.03.14 DE – Würzburg / Immerhin
21.03.14 DE – Chemnitz / AJZ
22.03.14 DE – Berlin / Schokoladen
15.03.14 DE – Dresden / Chemiefabrik

So if you are around any of these cities please come by and say hello.


Tour dates 2014

Hey friends. Come see us this spring/summer!
26/2 – Malmö, Babel
27/2 – Köpenhamn, KB18
28/2 – Stockholm, Debaser Strand
01/3  -Vännersborg, Mic

15/3 – Dresden, Chemiefabrik
16/3 – TBA
17/3 – Wien, Dendritic Shows
18/3 – Erfurt, Stadtgarten
19/3 – St. Gallen, Grabenhalle
20/3 – Würzburg, Immerhin
21/3 – Chemnitz, AJZ

22/3 – Berlin, Schokoladen

30/4 – Stockholm, Firestorm fest
03/5 – Göteborg, Sticky fingers

19/7 – Karlsruhe, New Noise Festival

New Single!

New Scraps Of Tape album coming up! Kick in the new year with this sparkling new tune!

Scraps Of Tape - Sjätte vansinnetHappy New Year everyone! Thanks for a wonderful year together. A lot of new tunes have been released this year, videos and artwork have been made. Love to all of you that make this wonderful things happening. It will be a completely packed year 2014 with massive releases coming up.
To celebrate the new year, we give you a glimpse of what to come. Enjoy We, The Leftheaded, the first track from the new Scraps Of Tape album Sjätte vansinnet! With this we look to the future with energy and a whole lot of love!

Scraps Of Tape - We, The Leftheaded

Stream the track from Soundcloud, or download for free or “pay-what-you-want” fromBandcamp!
Scraps Of Tape – Sjätte vansinnet
Scraps Of Tape. A quintet that is ever evolving and always going from strength to strength. There are no taboos or musical barriers that stands in the way of this band, one of the very best Sweden has to offer. It is a madness, the sixth, that washes over us. But do not be afraid, dare to embrace it.
Sjätte vansinnet (Swedish for ‘The Sixth Madness’) is Scraps Of Tape’s fifth album is being released February 26th 2014. It was recorded during a couple of hot summer days in May 2013, in the Malmö-based Discrete Motion Recordings studio under the supervision of Erik Sunding. The album follows a common thread that the band carefully has created via the Grand Letdown (2009) and Resident Flux (2011), the two latest albums that cemented the band’s strength in writing, frankly, ridiculously awesome rock music. It’s indie rock that wants to challenge, energetic music that invites you to a sound just beyond the ordinary and templated.
The name ‘Sjätte vansinnet’ pinpoints much with us. That sixth sense that we all in the band seem to share, something greater than ourselves, which in fact may be some kind of insanity. It is something that drives us forward and gives us so much, while also pushing us closer and closer to the edge of the abyss. The sixth madness is this incredible gift given to us which eventually will probably destroy us, but until then we will enjoy it, and ride the storm until it throws us off. We think anyone who’s ever been part of a larger creative project knows what we are talking about. This is our sixth madness.
– Johan G Winther, Scraps Of TapeTracklist
A1. We, The Leftheaded A2. Fuga, A3. Hands In Hands, A4. Teardrop Fucking Dropkick, A5. Vultures With High Heels, B1. Among Haters, B2. Once We Were, B3. Log Cabin, B4. A Neverending, B5. Alla utom jag måste dö

Scraps Of Tape on www:

Scraps Of Tape on the road

26 Feb 2014 SE Malmö, Babel
27 Feb 2014 DK Copenhagen, KB18
28 Feb 2014 SE Stockholm, Debaser Strand
15 Mar 2014 DE Dresden, Chemiefabrik
17 Mar 2014 AT Wien, TBA
18 Mar 2014 DE Erfurt, Stadtgarten
19 Mar 2014 CH St. Gallen, Grabenhalle
20 Mar 2014 DE Würzburg, Immerhin
21 Mar 2014 DE Chemnitz, AJZ
22 Mar 2014 DE Berlin, Schokoladen…and more to come!

Review from our Malmö-gig last thursday 2/5

Here’s a nice review from on our gig in Malmö on 2/5
(even tho it says 2/3 on their side)

Hur kul kan postrock egentligen vara år 2013? Svaret på den frågan lyder kort och gott: Scraps of Tape. När andra genreutövare ängsligt och stillastående växlar blicken mellan effektpedalerna och skorna i full koncentration på att göra lika utdragna crescendon som Explosions in the Sky, så är Scraps of Tape något helt annat. Det, ursprungligen Malmöbaserade, femmannabandet inleder spelningen med en rejäl rundgångsattack riktad rakt mot publiken. Sedan röjer de runt och slänger med sina instrument på ett för genren, väldigt otypiskt vis.

När det kommer till energi och intensitet har Scraps of Tape betydligt mycket mer gemensamt med punken än med Sigur Rós. De har funnits sedan 2000-talets början och kallats både “Sveriges mest underskattade band” och “postrockens bäst bevarade hemlighet”. Nyligen släpptes EP:n Orka Allt som (likt senaste skivan Resident Flux) är ett bra exempel på hur de lyckas vara nytänkande utan att fjärma sig allt för mycket från postrockens grundidé med att växla hårda urladdningar med stillsamt gitarrplink. Titelspåret är en vacker, avskalad pianoballad fjärran från postrockstypisk svulst, med en fin, rak text om att vilja räcka till. När Johan Gustavsson sjunger den under kvällen, till en början endast uppbackad av bas och trummor, framstår den allt mer som något av det bästa de har gjort.

Nu är det inte tal om att Scraps of Tape skulle ha mjuknat med åren. Idag känns de snarare som ett mer mångfacetterat band. I en ny låt, som något kryptiskt presenteras med orden “Alla Utom Jag Måste Dö”, riffar de maniskt och låter hårdare än någonsin. I mellansnacket påstår Johan Gustavsson att de planerar att spela in ett dubbelalbum med massor av stråkar. Förmodligen var det där ett skämt men jag är uppriktigt talat inte säker. Jag tvivlar dock inte för en sekund på att de hade lyckats även med det. För Scraps of Tape är inte “bra för att vara svenska” — de är i fullständig världsklass!

Text by: Anton Lindskog Photo by: Kristian Gullner


Hey friends!

Today we start a short weekender of shows in Sweden to promote both the
vinyl-edition of Resident Flux (!!!) and the limited cassette-release of Orka Allt.

RF-VINYL 69016_516135711756347_627745978_n

Tonight it’s Debaser in Malmö, tomorrow Café Mic in Vänersborg and on saturday we’ll tear down Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg together with EF and more. It will be great!!

See you out there!