September 2010

Hello friends,

we’ve gotten ourselves this fine blog here, so that things may be updated more
often. We’re a band that’s quite internet-handicapped when it comes to html, websites and all that stuff, we’d rather rehearse or play live, but we’ll try to keep this site here more alive than our poor neglected

Other than this, we’re writing our new album “XXXXXX XXX XXXX/XXXXXX XX XXXXX” right now and things sound great so far. Seven songs are written so far, and more in the making. Expect a 2011 release via tenderversion!

We’re also going on a short special tour of Germany later this fall, with only four especially selected venues and a special live-set + a lot more goodies.
More specific info on this soon.

Go listen to The Bear Quartet’s latest album “Monty Python”, pick your jaw up off the floor and go create. GO!

/scraps of tape


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