Tour in November

As we have sad before we weren’t going to be able to do as much touring as usual during 2010 due to various circumstances, so we decided to do things a little different this time around. We picked out four of the cities/venues where we’ve really felt welcome and at home during the years we’ve been on tour, and decided we’d only do these four shows during 2010. And since we’ve been treated so well at these places we decided to try to give something special back to you people, the audience who come out to see us play and support us. We’re in the process of writing our next album, and this autumn feels like a real bridge between “Grand Letdown” and our next record, so we’ve compiled a limited record which we will give away for free to the 50 first paying at every venue. This record will have live versions and B-sides of songs from “Grand Letdown” mixed with live recordings of new material, and there will only be 200 copies made of this release and they will not be reprinted or available anywhere else. And in the spirit of this “bridge-feeling” we will also only play new material and songs from “Grand Letdown”. There will also be a limited number of screenprinted posters and t-shirts with special designs which we also won’t reprint after this tour. We’re super-excited to be doing this tour and to be able to play some new material for you guys, so see you soon and much love from us.


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