we’re in Duisburg again! Tonight it’s a small festival curated by the awesome DIY-collective Toppershouse. It’s us, our old friends in Daturah, Moonlit Sailor (from Sweden too!), Fitzcarraldo and Arktika. We just finished soundcheck and now we have downtime until maybe 23-24 tonight…aaargh!

Yesterday we were in Würzburg and played at the amazing cafe Cairo. The evening was another great great evening, awesome audience and nice hang-out time with our friends Mamü, Maddie, Tillman and Gabby and her brother (sorry if I spell any of these names wrong!).

Cairo is such a great place and every time so far has been so cool. Life of An Owl also played, cello gtr bass and drums…really cool!

The whole tour has been so nice, all we could have wished for and more so far. 2 shows sold-out completely, the new songs seems to be going over really well and great great people coming out to the shows. There has been several persons who actually have travelled pretty far just to see us and that is so amazing. A big big thank you to everyone who came to the shows so far!

So, one more show to go, then back home to write the rest of the new album and record it in early 2011. It’s gonna be a beast!! We have several really nice ideas and plans for the album, and I really hope most of them will become reality. We’ve been thinking a lot about the meaning and importance of “albums” in todays download/itunes-environment and we think we’ve come up with a few ideas which will make the new album worth to buy and that will give it a real feeling of being just an “album” with all that it used to mean.

here’s a few pics from the last couple of days, it’s all crappy iPhone-photos but at least it’s something:


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