Back Home Again

So, back in Malmö again after a 9 hours drive/boatride!

At dinner last night we decided to just pack up the stuff and leave after the show, since our sleeping place was situated about 20 mins in the wrong direction and we had to get up and leave at 7:00 any way. We spent the night talking about our dream team sit-coms and other stuff, just to keep awake!

The show last night was really nice, not too many people showed up tho partly because of the weather being terrible the last couple of days but the audience who made it was really
into it! Fitzcarraldo, Moonlit Sailor and Daturah were really good and the sailor-dudes were awesome guys! Sadly I missed out on most of Arktikas show, but what I heard sounded nice.

Go check out all the bands if you don’t know them earlier:

Moonlit Sailor

Nice to meet the Daturah-guys again, and I managed to finally get a hold of their second album and I’m gonna blast it on my drive home to Gothenburg later today.

The tour has been really nice but even tho we were gone for just 4 days I feel totally worn out! Maybe because I just got back from a 3 week tour with Peter Broderick so maybe I’m just worn out period. Anyhoo, the reason I tell you this is that if you don’t know Peters music yet, go check it out because he is amazing!

This tour was our first with Fredrik behind the drumkit and it has been awesome! He’s really fit right in the group both musically and mentally and we’re honored to call him a member. THANK YOU Fröjding!

Big thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and supported us. I hope you were one of the lucky ones to get a copy of our limited tour-cd. We’ve had people from all over the world write us and ask if we could hold a copy and send it to them but we’ve been really strict about this. When we started out we played tons of shows in Germany and some of the places we played on this tour we’ve played 4-5 times before, so this time we thought we’d try to give something back to the people who take the time to come out and support us.

With this said we don’t mean that all you other people from all over the world doesn’t support us or has helped us out during our 10 year period. We still get so happy every time someone sends us a mail from Turkey or China or USA or Spain or where ever and we’re so grateful that you keep listening even tho we haven’t been to these places to play yet. Keep the faith and we’ll try to get to more and more places where we haven’t been before…that’s one of the best parts of being in this band.

So, these cd’s where something special made for this specific tour, and we have many more ideas for things like this in the future and we’re gonna try to make as many of them reality. All the ideas we have for our new album right now is really exciting and feels like a real step forward to us not just musically but all over. Yeah I wrote about this earlier but hell, I’m so excited about it!

Keep checking in here once in a while and we’ll try to update as often as we can!

Much love from all of us in Scraps Of Tape and Thank you!
/johan & Scraps Of Tape

P.s. Yeah, still fucking iphone-pics but we messed up and forgot the camera in the van all the time…sorry! D.s.


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