re:create vol.1

The latest release from our record label Tenderversion is a 7´´ vinyl that is the beginning of a new series of releases that in some way are trying to do something different. The concept is about the opinion that we live in a society that consume way to much stuff. They want to figure out ways to not only create new packaging but to take it one step further and re:create old ones into new ones. It can be materials or objects that get totally reshaped beyond recognition but it can also be things merely put into new context and suddenly becoming the carrier of great new music and also the artwork and container at the same time. Combining this with music from some of theirs favorite artists and there you have it, it’s the RE:CREATE SERIES!

We think this is a really great concept and idea and the music on the first release is just so fantastic. If you haven´t done it yet you should go direct to the TVR e-store and get a copy, They are looking and sounding amazing. But here you can see and hear them performing their songs about each other, live at Fléche d´Or, Paris:

Johans song about Peter

Peters song about Johan


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