Yesterday me (Johan) and some friends (including the ever-elusive Ulf from Once We Were)
had the extreme pleasure of seeing Solander perform live together with Iris Piers here in Gothenburg.

The band performed a nice mix of old and new songs and I’m really getting more and more excited about their new album. Solander fascinates me on more levels than just the music. Every time I’ve ever seen them play (except for when touring with them) they’ve always had a different constellation of people playing and new arrangements of the songs and personally I hold that way of doing things in very high regard. It’s never dull to see them and you never really know what will happen. BIG BIG thanks to all the members for a fantastic show.

A little added treat was seeing Micke, our old drummer, perform with Solander as a full-time member. The’ve been doing loads of shows since he joined but this was the first I had the chance to catch. Micke is a fantastic musician and seeing him play last night really made me realize that even more. His place in Solander as a jack-of-all-trades is fantastic, and seeing him sing, play the glockenspiel and keep a stady beat going on the drums at the same time was just awsome.

Keep a lookout for their new album and for shows with them, you won’t be dissapointed!

(I was too wrapped up in the show to take any pictures…sorry)

I also go to see a fellow gothenburger(!) last night, Barrie Sutcliffe. He performed with a oscillator and laptop and something else I didn’t get the chance to get a look at. He wove beautiful oscillated tones into a pulsating, shifting cloud of waves that ended with a great great noisy, bubbly drone. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Here’s his webpage. check it out!:

I’m on paternity-leave and I’ve been burning through a bunch of awesome music together with my son today:

Daniel AIU Higgs – “Say God”
Cecil Taylor Unit – “Spring of Two Blue-J’s”
Hototogisu – “Under The Rose”
John Lurie – “Down By Law”
Nico Muhly – “I Drink The Air Before Me”
Sadus – “Swallowed In Black”
Masakari – “The Prophet Feeds”

/peace be upon thee… j /


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