Day 2:

Good morning.
We’re back in the studio and ready to begin recording the rest of the tracks.
We ended the first night with whiskey, beer and havre-kakor listening to Mark Knopfler
and Trash Talk. Very pleased with the first day…keep your fingers crossed for continued luck. Next up, Circles.

stay tuned…we’ll update when we’re bored or have time.


update 14:55

Dinner-time. 2 more songs down, pasta on the menu.
Started the day with blowing an amp and having to wait around for an hour before we
figured out what the hell was actually wrong.

(Per air-drumming along to one of our new hits)


One thought on “Day 2:

  1. Nu hoppade jag ur brallorna.
    Sitter utan byxorna på biblioteket,
    lite pinsamt, men ändå värt det.
    Snart kommer en ny scrapsskiva!

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