Day 3: Würzburg

Hello everyone!

We’re in Würzburg again, hanging out at Cairo with Marko and
Maddie and soon also the great Tilman (who did the artwork for TV Crown).

Super-excited to hit the stage tonight, the last two days have been so good, it’s almost ridiculous.
Kiel was so nice, first time at Shaubude and it was great. A lot of people came out to see us even though it was our first time in Kiel, so that was great! Thank you so much people!

One of the greatest things is that we’re playing “We are many, we are tired of being few” from “Read Between the lines at all times” again for the first time since 2004 or something. We met up in the rehearsal-space at 9 in the morning on the day we left for this tour and decided to try and play it.

Since Fredrik never ever played that song before he was a little sceptic but we got it
together in a few tries and now it’s in the setlist! It’s feels fucking great!
Now we’re playing songs from all of our albums and that is something we’ve been striving for for a long time.

The party at Schokoladen last night was so great. The place was packed and we met our old friends Matt, Carsten and Stefan (If I’m spelling your names wrong guys I’m so sorry) and had some pfeffermint shots and traded some t-shirts. Schokoladen really is home away from home to us in Berlin. We love Schokoladen!!!

(kenta in his new Schokoladen t-shirt!)

(Stefan setting up the mics on a traditional Schokoladen-stage-photo!)

This morning we went to our friend Peter Borderick’s place in Berlin and had breakfast with Peter and Laura.
They had set up such a fantastic breakfast and we had a shower and talked about
great german sentences, how to boil eggs with old swedish magical methods and normal stuff like that.

(It doesn’t  look to happy in this photo but appearances can be deceiving)

It was great meeting Peter (again) and Laura (for the first time) and they really made our day
start out in the best possible way!
5 hours on the road, but a bunch of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Boardwalk Empire episodes made it all good.

Fredrik slept 99% of the time of course, in true drummer-style.

If you’re in Würzburg, come on down to Cairo and say hi. It’ll be awesome!!!

Recently we did a interview with VISIONS, you can read it here (in german or in google-translate english)


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