Day 4: Dresden!

Dresden!!! So awesome to be back at AZ Conni, we can’t wait to hit the stage!

Went for a walk in Dresden earlier and tried to us a tour-tattoo at a tattoo-parlor on a whim,
but they didn’t do drop-ins so we had to scraps the idea. We ended up at a bakery with pink walls having some coffee and cake. Almost the same thing as getting one more tattoo.

Met the guys from Dorena. Seems like great guys and the little we heard at soundcheck sounded very promising!


Yesterday we had to spend way to many hours with this geezer, Marko. Totally insane, batshit-crazy würzburger, but a good promoter! 🙂 The show in Cairo (the club) was so nice, and the great Tilman Dominka who made the artwork for “tv crown” came and took some pictures, and also did a few photo-sessions with us.

(photo by Tilman Dominka)

Alright…we’re backstage blasting some Neil Young to get psyched and gonna drink some whiskey!

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