First 2012 Tour underway!

Hey folks!

A few days in to our first 2012 tour, all is well and business as usual. Some nights have been awesome, some not so awesome but good nevertheless. We pretty used to whatever touring throws at us at this moment! 🙂

First day in Halle was fucking freezing cold, the show was a great first-show with awesome concerts from Lara Korona and Tiger Magic. First shows are always a bit shaky but this one was for sure one of the better ones.

Here’s some photos from the Halle-show shot by Liz Eulenhertz

Second day in Osnabrück was pretty weird following the squat Reil78 in Halle. The club Big Buttinsky (?!) was located in a shopping mall/cinema complex and when we got there we were sure it was gonna be weird, with low volume restrictions and all kinds of hassles, but it turned out amazing. Not too sure if anyone there actually knew who the hell we were but all-in-all it was a nice evening! Great people, backgammon, beer and high volume. Sweet!

Third day, Göttingen! This show was a last-minute booking and we were so lucky to get an opening slot for finnish rockers French Films at this amazing place called Apex! The promoters had made such a great job of decorating the place with scraps of old video tapes, and a quote from one of FF songs all over one wall. It looked  so nice, and Inga, Christian and all the other promoters were such awesome people. I really hope we get the chance to come back in April which we are trying to set up!

Yesterday: Stuttgart! Another first for Scraps, Stuttgart and Schocken was a really pleasant surprise. We weren’t too sure there would be any people since it was a monday and we’d never played Stuttgart before, but it turned up around 30 people and everyone were really psyched! We sold like 20 albums, 7 t-shirts and some posters so we were as happy as pigs in shit when we went to bed.

And here we are, at Café Wagner in Jena. This place is really something, the guys here seem like the greatest people and we’re super-psyched about tonight! Early soundcheck in a minute and then awesome hang-out time and good food, company and a movie-screening. Sweet times.

We miss our families a lot, and our hearts go out to Jerker who’s not with us on this tour because he became a father just the other day. All of our love to Jerker, Sonja and their beautiful baby girl!! Slowly getting Scraps Of Tape Teens together. We’re planning a “The Phantom” kinda thing with scraps…we’ll never die.



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