Hey everyone!

We’re at café Cantona in Leipzig at the moment, having some coffee and cakes after doing some sightseeing around Leipzig. We actually have a day off, which feels kind of ridiculous since it’s only day two on the tour but that’s the reality of it. Planning to borrow a couple of friends rehearsal-space tonight to write some new material! Way excited about new material. We’ve been talking a lot in the van about where we want to go with the new stuff and it seems we’re pretty much on the same page, and there is a lot of new ideas being thrown around. It’s going to be great!

Yesterday we played the Doom Over Leipzig Festival at UT Connewitz and all we can say is “WOW!”. One of if not THE best show we’ve ever had! Amazing venue, great bands, great promoters and all over arrangement. Around 250 people came out! Happy as can be! Huge thank you to everyone involved!

Backstage view

On stage view



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