Berlin…what can we say? You never disappoint us…what a great evening last night!! HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to the show!

Here’s an interview we did for Berlin Beat for this show:


The whole tour has actually been pretty ridiculously great, which is very nice since it is our 15th tour or something of Europe. We are very honored that people take the time to come and see us play, and we hope to meet you all again and again and again.

More later..tonight we play Göttingen with Amalthea and Lara Korona, if you’re in the area, DON’T MISS OUT!!

Much love from Scraps Of Tape



2 thoughts on “Berlin!

  1. What a great surprise!
    It was my first time in Berlin and I was there just hanging out with some friends, drinking some beer than we saw that there were something downstairs, we couldn’t imagine, because there was no sound coming out! Thaaaan (tudum tudum tchaaaa!!!!) an amazing show happening! 🙂

    One of the best memories of Berlin!
    Thank you guys!

    Big kiss!

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