Thank you!!

We would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who came out to
the last couple of shows in Sweden. We rarely play here “at home” but this year
I think we hit a new record of Swedish gigs!

The Stockholm-gig was the first and we played with the amazing Tera Melos!
A lot of people showed up, including our dear friends Zé Pedro and Luisa all the way from Portugal, and
it was great to play stockholm again and see that the sthlm-scene is very much alive and kicking!

Here’s a video from the Sthlm-gig:

Next up was Sandviken, and we got to play at the legendary Kungen for the first time!
Not too many people showed up, but wow…the ones who where there really showed tons of heart and passion and made the evening incredible for us! Far Sight also played and we’re really curious to hear more from them! Huge thanks to Davva, Danne, Thomas, Thomas and everyone else…sorry if I forget your names, my memory is piss-poor! Hope to be back to sandviken/gävle real soon!!

Last weekend we played at Öresunds-festivalen in Malmö, and this gig was a weird one. Actually I think it was my favorite Malmö-gig ever, because there were tons of people at the show even though we started playing at 01:15. Some guy we don’t have a fucking clue decided to climb onstage before our last show and started messing with our equipment and acting out a bit, which kinda threw the whole show off a bit, but it all ended alright and we were really happy going home that night!
Check out this video from the show:

And lastly, we played at Siesta!-festivalen last night at 23:30. We were slotted right in the middle of Familjen and Timbuktu & Damn! so we weren’t expecting anyone to show up, but a few brave souls came and had a real nice time with us (including the guy who kept shouting for us to step it up and giving us points and told us who were doing alright and who needed to try harder!). It was cold as hell, dark and totally great for us! Extra thanks to Johan Nilsson from Funktion for buying a shirt, talking to us and missing most of above said concerts just to check us out. Send us those tracks man!

Here’s some photo’s from the Siesta!-show and here’s also some real nice words on the gig (in swedish):

“Att Familjen drar så (obegripligt) stor publik får tyvärr som följd att en av festivalens absolut bästa spelningar görs inför endast ett tjog besökare. Scraps of Tape brukar lite slarvigt kategoriseras som postrock men är i själva verket betydligt punkigare. Effektpedalerna är nedtrampade redan från början och istället för att bygga upp mot storslagna crescendon känns de melodiösa, gitarrplinkande partierna som andningspauser mellan krafturladdningarna. Band i den här genren har en tendens att stå stilla och titta på sina effektpedaler men Scraps of Tape röjer istället för fullt och slänger runt med instrumenten som om det vore en hardcorespelning. Nu när postrockens fanbärare Mogwai och Explosions in the Sky börjar kännas lite trötta ger Scraps of Tape en välbehövd vitamininjektion åt genren genom att inte hålla sig till reglerna. Det är musik med ”både muskler och hjärna” för att använda en sliten klyscha — gitarrmangel i absolut världsklass från post-rockens kanske mest välbevarade hemlighet.”

Thank you Anton Lindskog and Maria Gadd for those kind words!

Also, Jonas Appelqvist who joined us on “Flera Meter Kort” at the last two shows; Awesome job man!!

Now we’re taking a break from live-shows for a few months (we think…things might turn up!) and will
focus on writing a new album and some other little this and that’s.
Either way, we’ll see you next time right?


/j, sOt.

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