Reissue on it’s way!

Hey friends!
We’ve got some nice news for you all. We will be releasing our first selftitled demo
in a remastered version through the wonderful Ramberget Recordings.
This release will be a digital release only but hopefully sometime down the line we’ll be able
to bring it out on vinyl too. We’ll see!

The release features new artwork by JGW and there will also be the option of ordering
a version with a limited edition two-color screen-printed poster with the artwork.

Here’s what Ramberget has to say:

Scraps Of Tape

So… Here goes. We’ve been talking about us working together with a really great band. A band we’ve been listening to for many years. That band is Scraps Of Tape. They have released a whole bunch of great albums on our favorite label A Tenderversion Recording. 10 years ago they recorded a demo. We love that demo. We love it so much we decided to do a proper release to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Johan G Winther made the artwork for the reissue and there will also be a limited edition poster. We’re really excited about this. Out December 17.

So, start counting down the days until early christmas, December 17th!

We hope you are all well. /SxOxT

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