Since 2001 Scraps Of Tape has been one of Swedens best kept secrets,
a group of musicians and friends hellbent on doing things their own way no matter what.

 Already from the earliest recordings a very personal and emotionally engaging sound
emerged with equal parts melody and beauty, noise and feedback.

From the early often over 20 minute-long tracks of their first self-released records to  the more concentrated pieces of 2009’s “Grand Letdown”, Scraps Of Tape has honed their craft and developed
with their music and art rather than with the times.

With their tenth european tour coming up in early November of 2011
and a third tour of Japan and their first of Northern America during 2012,
the band readies to bring their new album “Resident Flux” on the road.

 With it’s release-date set in October 2011, “Resident Flux” is a beast of a record.
Recorded in 4 days at Welfare Sound in Gothenburg with Per Stålberg (Division Of Laura Lee, Repoman) and Olle Björk (Repoman, The Change) it is a record that shows a band doing what it is they do best. Playing live together in a room, amps on 11, sweat, confusion, blood…the smell of burning circuitry in the air.
Without losing the heart and beauty of previous albums, “Resident Flux” draws upon
the energy and abandon that Scraps Of Tape are well known for as a live act.

 In 2011 the group also launched The Noble Beast Of Malmö.
A platform/idea/project that will be used to create together without the restraints of being solely “a rockband”.

The first projects of the noble beast is the artwork(s) and 7″ singles off of “Resident Flux”.
12 different artists where invited to interpret at single song each from the new album and related singles, and the results has been incorporated into a 28-page booklet which accompanies the limited book/cd-version of “Resident Flux”.

 Keep a lookout for more music, news and upcoming tour dates during 2012.


12 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Hi,
    I have seen Scraps Of Tape in Duisburg, Steinbruch.
    I didn´t know the band before, although I love Postrock,Ambiente,
    Experimental and so on and I visit a lot of concerts.
    Your songs are super, but “bring the heavy” is fantastic!!!
    I hope I see you somewhere on a festival or concert, maybe Hurricane
    in Germany,Scheeßel near to Bremen, I hope.

    lot`s of prosperity


    • Hey Stephan!

      We hope to make it to somewhere close to where you are soon, more touring is being planned, so keep a look out for
      more info. Take care and thank you so much for the support!

  2. Fann dykk via related bands – søkemotoren på Spotify og vil berre sei: heilt fuckings fantastisk! “Bring the heavy” er ein av dei bedre låtane eg har høyrt i 2011, og resten av plata er også strålande.

    If you don´t understand my native “nynorsk”. A brief summary is: Brilliant!

    Lukke til vidare!

    J Borgundy

  3. Hi !

    I’ve listen to your Grand Letdown album few days ago in the train and noticed it was couple a month I hadn’t been that hitted by an album.. The song “Grand Letdown” is really amazing ! Thanks for this and keep on going !

    I live in the North of France so if you come right there or even in Belgium I would come to see us and pay you all a beer for sure 😉


  4. Just found your stuff on Spotify. Usually, I gauge post-rock bands by their similarity to the more established bands in the genre, with EITS and Mogwai being the two bands that originally got me interested.

    Though I haven’t wound my way through your whole discography (no worries, that’s coming), the stuff I’ve heard carries a personality unlike anything I’ve heard. You don’t shy away from dissonance and discord when it suits you, but it doesn’t stray so far from the melody and rhythm that I get lost in the noise. Instead it does exactly what I want my heavy, intense music to do; it sucks me in, demanding my attention to their sonic story.

    This is amazing, passionate, and sophisticaed work. I will be telling everyone who’ll listen about Scraps of Tape.

    Any plans on another North American tour?

    • Hey!

      Wow thank you for your kind words, and for taking the time to write and tell us!

      No plans just now. We’ve never been to America and would love to go sometime. Keep your fingers crossed! 🙂

      Take care!

      /Johan (scraps)

  5. i was introduced to Scraps of Tape by my friend, Niklas (from Malmo). He knew pretty well the kinda stuff i’m usually into, and insisted that this would be my sorta music.
    and boy, was he right!

    i was instantly blown away…to say the least. there aren’t many bands out there that play like this anymore. apart from the post-rock references that i can see the others have left in the comments on this page, there’s an electrifying surge of punk energy in the songs which are artsy and intricately crafted.
    love your work!

    it’s not easy to get a copy of your albums here even with the wonders of today’s internet age (i’m an avid collector), but thanks to Niklas help, he’s already managed to procure a couple of CDs for me 😉

    oh right, i’m writing this from Malaysia =)
    i’m guessing this may be surprising eh? as Malaysia is probably an obscure spot on rock n roll’s map.
    but hey, have sound will travel! 😉

    would definitely love to see you guys play here in Kuala Lumpur!
    Then only other Swedish act I’ve seen here in KL, was Pg.Lost. Great guys.



    • HEy Siow! So sorry for this late reply. Thank you so so much for these kind words, that’s really something! We’ve been really bad at maintaining this homepage, we’ve been on a bit of a break. Sorry. Amazing to know someone in Malaysia is listening to our music and taking the time to write us! And say big thanks to Niklas as well! 🙂

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