Mattias Alkberg and Birgit Bidder “Flera Meter Kort”.

Mattias Alkberg, who sings on our new single “Flera Meter Kort” performs his own version of the song
with some help from amongst others Birgit Bidder.

Video by musikenligtjerry

Mattias has also happened to release one of the best records/books out there just last week. It’s called “Anarkist” and it comes with a book of Mattias texts. Go do yourselves a favor and check it out on spotify or order it, book and all, at TEG Publishing. Seriously essential listening/reading.

Shows in November


Now it´s only days til we will get the new album and we are so super super excited show you it all!

There are some small changes for the dates in November, the 4th of November will we play in Würzburg at Cairo and the 5th of November will we play in Dresden at AZ Conni.

2011-11-02 – Kiel @ Schaubude
2011-11-03 – Berlin @ Schokoladen
2011-11-04 – Würzburg @ Cairo
2011-11-05 – Dresden @ AZ Conni

We are soooo looking forward to November and the first shows from the “Resident flux” tour. There will be alot more shows in the early 2012 so stay tuned!


“Flera Meter Kort”

We are extremely proud to present the first single off of our forthcoming album “Resident Flux”:


 That amazing voice that you’re hearing is none other than Mattias Alkberg, one of Swedens absolutely finest vocalists/lyricists/renegade geniuses.

Flera Meter Kort will also be released as an extended 3-track EP via iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify etc. and also as a 4-track limited 7” vinyl on August 15! The 7” vinyl can be pre-ordered now directly from the Tenderversion store. All who pre-order will receive a digital download of the 3-track EP shortly after the completion of the order. All who order after August 15 will instead receive a download coupon along with the 7”. This 7″ is a joint release between Tenderversion and our very own label The Noble Beast Of Malmö.

Äspö-festivalen in Trelleborg on saturday! Be there or be elsewhere.But yr gonna miss out!!! We’ll have a very special guest with us on stage.


New shows for the fall

We are happy to announce some new Scraps of tape shows. There will soon be more updates so stay tuned. For 2012 we do have some great plans and will be on the road more frequently.

2011-08-06 – Trelleborg @ Äspöfestivalen
2011-08-23 – Malmö @ Malmöfestivalen
2011-08-24 – Stockholm @ Fritz´s Corner2011-11-02 – Kiel @ Schaubude
2011-11-03 – Berlin @ Schokoladen
2011-11-04 – Dresden @ AZ Conni
2011-11-05 – Würzburg @ Cairo

news news news

Hey folks!

Sorry for the lack of updates, especially since the last post says that our new 7″ should be out sometime in May.
Well things have been postponed due to a whole lot of stuff, but mainly because we’re doing a whole lot of work surrounding the new releases and we want everything in tip-top shape before we send it out there for you all to enjoy!

First of all, we will be doing a art-exhibit/photoshoot/live-show/video-shoot-thing at Gallery Krets in Malmö on the 17th on June. It’s free for all with the understanding that you will be photographed and/or filmed at the event and that you might end up in a video or other promotion-material related to us. There will be cheap refreshments fo sale and we’ll have merchandise and other goodies. We will perform a selected few tracks from our new album.

The doors open at 18:00 and you are ALL welcome. Please show up and help us make this an awesome evening and video. Thank you!



Also, if you like Johan’s Thee Gutted String project, check out the new release “A Ring Of Bone” on bandcamp.

new 7″ being pressed + more

Hey People!

Summer is finally here and the swedish people are coming out of their caves and shells,
life feels ok again and the BBQ’s and summertime-drinks are a-plenty in our parks once more. It’s all goooood!!

Our new 7″ is being pressed right now, and will hopefully see the light of day in late May so keep a lookout and we’ll have some more info on this soon. Some shows around Sweden are also being planned for this spring.

As we hope you all know, our records are available on Bandcamp since a while back together with several other Tenderversion-releases, plus Marcus other project Ghostbike and now you can also get a hold of several Tsukimono-releases (one of Johans solo-acts), several of them long out-of-print releases.

Scraps Of Tape

Go check it all out and put some awesome music on your selected mp3-player and go hang out in the sun with your families and friends. Life’s short, summer is shorter!!

More news soon!

Much love, sOt.