December 2016 Update

Hello friends!

We are finishing up the writing of our new album right now, and are planning to head into the Swedish countryside to record it in early 2017. We’ve been working really hard on the new material
and are very excited to see how it will take shape once we record it.

Keep the light on friends, we sorely need it these troubled times, all of us.

love, scraps of tape.


We’re done with recording the new album (+ some other stuff)!

12 songs; 8 first-takes, 2 second-takes and 2 third-takes.
2 of the songs and a bunch of lyrics written in the studio.
Not too bad for just 4 days right?

We’re super-pleased so far, everything came out sounding just like or better than we envisioned. We wanted to record as much as possible live and with minimal amounts of overdubs and that’s how we did it. The last two albums we spent two weeks each in the studio on, and were really meticulous about everything and that was awesome too, but we really didn’t want to do that again.

(Per, not worried at all right?)

We met Per and Olle when we played in Berlin together with their bands Division Of Laura Lee and The Change (R.I.P) in 2009 and we got along from the get-go.
We kept in touch with them talking about the possibility of maybe recording something in the future together and what kind of sound, ideas and feeling we’d want to try and go for if that happened.
Then as we got further into writing the new songs and getting a feel for them we realised that Welfare Sounds would probably be a perfect pick, and in retrospect it really was. Whatever happens from now on with this record the recording was probably the easiest and least head-ache-inducing recording-session we’ve ever done. Super-fun and creative!

(we managed to gulp down 3 whole bags of coffee in 4 days)

Truth be told we were pretty well prepared, having rehearsed the songs just enough to know them well and still have a bit of nerve to them, and a lot of the
success of the recording must be given to Fredrik, who nailed the drums and played like a fucking champ!

(Fredrik left and Jerker right)

The new songs have a real live-feel to them, tons of energy and heaviness without losing melody or dynamics. We’ve also been playing a lot with I guess you could almost say ugly and/or dumb riffs in a way, trying to push our playing into new territories and find new pockets of air and new expressions within our music, bringing with us our old producer Mathias “Kapten” Oldéns saying “VÅGA” from previous recordings into the writing of the new material.

(popular chair & pose)
(these guys somehow managed to see about one season of “Curb your enthusiasm” too)

Mixing should start within a week or so and we’re pretty excited to hear the results, even though we are a bit sick of the songs right now.
Especially excited about the two new songs we wrote, which are kind of on the opposite ends of the SoT-spectrum from each other, and came together really easily and in a real blaze of creativity.

(Olle, probably listening to his beloved drum-sound)

Anyways, thanks to Per and Olle and to all our friends. Thanks for stopping by and keeping updated on what we’re up to. New material should surface within the next months or so. More updates soon.

(jerker kaj, soul-man)

XOXO/ Scraps Of Tape

4 days ’til welfare


in four days we enter Welfare Sound Studio in Gothenburg to record our new album together with Per Stålberg and Olle Björk. Way excited and we spent the
whole weekend putting the last pieces in place and visiting our wonderful friends Henrik and Sandra to borrow some gear.
Wish us luck friends!

Stay classy, San Diego!