Hey friends!

Today we start a short weekender of shows in Sweden to promote both the
vinyl-edition of Resident Flux (!!!) and the limited cassette-release of Orka Allt.

RF-VINYL 69016_516135711756347_627745978_n

Tonight it’s Debaser in Malmö, tomorrow Café Mic in Vänersborg and on saturday we’ll tear down Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg together with EF and more. It will be great!!

See you out there!

Orka Allt video!

Hey friends!

Check out our new video for the track from our upcoming EP of the same name.
On this ep we’re stretching our wings a bit, putting a few smaller pieces of the bigger puzzle that is our sound under the looking glass. We’re super-proud of it and will present
all of it soon!

Meanwhile, check out the video for “Orka Allt”:

Thank you. /sot