Flera Meter Kort (2011)

1. Flera Meter Kort (feat. Mattias Alkberg)
2. Circles End Here
3. Flera Meter Kort (instrumental) (7″ vinyl only!)
4. Same Black Clouds

7″ from Tenderversion

Grand Letdown (2009)

1. Bring The Heavy
2. The Long Silence
3. The Blindspot
4. Linear Optics
5. Filler
6. Grand Letdown
7. Five Fingers
8. Brick By Brick, Building Your Own House
9. Love Them Anyway
10. Eric
11. Master Blaster
12. Drink Forever (Japanese Bonus track)
13. Golden Times (Japanese Bonus track)

CD from Tenderversion
LP from Tenderversion
LP from Denovali
CD from Zankyo (Japan version, including two bonustracks)

This Is A Copy Is This A Copy (2007)


1. Death As It Should Be
2. Hands In Air
3. Pickpockets Vow
4. Liege MG
5. How Your Heart Gets Thrown
6. Vibrancy
7. Since All The Birds Are Moving, Shouldn´t We
8. Thirteenthousand
9. Nashville´s Got Hell To Beat
10. Why Marcus Oh Why

CD from Tenderversion
CD from Zankyo (Japan version)

Därför (2005)

sold out

a Därför (I)
b Därför (II)


Read Between The Lines At All Times (2004)

1. –
2. Hands Are Tied
3. Wright Is Rong
4. Fuckers Come To Collect
5. –
6. How Come Drugs Have No Effect On You?
7. –
8. Blank Stare Tactics
9. We Are Many We Are Tired Of Being Few

CD from Tenderversion
CD from Zankyo (Japan version)

Broken Note (2003)

Scraps Of Tape (2002)

more info soon… 

4 thoughts on “Disco

  1. saw you in dresden with mutiny on the bounty. best show period. i’m still stuck at the long silence being on repeat 24/7 and i have 2 more records to go. is ananas människa (hope i remembered the name right) going to be on that new album? because that song rules.

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