Official video for “Flera Meter Kort” by Jonas Eriks.

“Circles End Here” Live in the rehearsal-space in 2010. Shot by Fredrik Karlsson.

“Linear Optics” Live at Babel in Malmö, during the releaseparty for “Grand Letdown”. Shot by Fredrik Karlsson:

“Master Blaster”(+stupid banter & equipment trouble) Live at O-East, Tokyo in 2009. Shot by Shapes.

“Bring The Heavy” Live at Club Quattro, Nagoya 2009. Shot by Shapes.

“Thirteenthousand” Live at Inkonst, Malmö at the releaseparty for “This is a copy…”. With us onstage the amazing Hojfen Balagan.

Official Video for “Nashvilles got hell to beat” by Kenneth Jansson.

Unofficial video for “Hands In Air” by Eddiesbootleg.


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